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City by the Bay

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Have you ever gotten a song in your head that you can’t get rid of? Guess what song was in my head — Lights by Journey. Since I was trying to come up with an idea for a new collection, I decided to take advantage of the situation. Thus, City by the Bay was born.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and I still live here. I spent a ton of time in the city as a teenager and young adult, but for some reason, when the kids came along, it sort of lost its luster. When the kids grew up and moved away, they would come home and insist on playing tourist … guess who the tour guides were.

Where am I going with this? Playing tour guide reminded me the beauty and charm of San Francisco that I had forgotten about … and I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully I’ve hit all the spots you’ve been wanting to visit, but if you’ve never visited, City by the Bay will work for other cities as well. You can get this collection at both theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes for 30% off thru September 17th. Come, take a look at all the goodies and be sure to read ALL the way to the end so you can download your freebie.


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It’s been a while, but after taking most of July off, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things … as in having a brand new collection called Lakeside.

I’m lucky … I live about 30 minutes from the beach (not that I would swim at that beach). For those that know how much I love Hawaii, you might be surprised to find out that I don’t go there for the beaches. Yes, the beaches are gorgeous, but I love the rain forests and other inland stuff. When I go to the beach, I get sunburned (even when using sunscreen). I prefer to get my beach fix by sitting by the side of a lake, in the shade. I might even get in some hiking (if there’s enough shade along the path). This sort of thing was my inspiration for Lakeside. While it’s perfect for camping kinds of themes, my team found it worked great for just about any vacation kind of layout. But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself.

Lakeside is available at both theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes for 30% off through 8/20th but, if you buy the entire collection, it’s 60% off. Here’s a look at it …


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Southwestern Venture

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Freebies, Personal Use, Scrapbooking | 1 comment

I had someone run across a very old post on this blog that was about a mini kit I had done for a designer competition YEARS ago called Southwestern Venture. She wanted to buy it … I wasn’t so sure it was ready for prime time and I was right. However, once I started going through things, I began coming up with tons of ideas that I could use to turn it into a full size collection. You see, I used to spend a lot of time in New Mexico (Albuquerque in particular) because of my previous job, so the ideas were definitely there. Also, having someone on my team who lives in New Mexico made me confident enough to give myself the go-ahead to start working on it.

Well now it’s ready for prime time and is available in my shops at theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes for 30% off. Here a look at it —


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Just in Time for Memorial Day

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Releasing today, just in time for Memorial Day in the states, I have a new pack of mixed media papers and some collage bits. They are available at both theStudio and my personal store. I had hoped to make a complete collection along this theme, but my neck wouldn’t let me. However, as my team found out, it coordinates well with my Remember Collection. The Collage Bits 8, Mixed Media Papers 2, and the Remember products are on sale thru May 29th for 30% off (excludes the bundle which is already 60% off). Here’s a look at the previews and some of the layouts the ladies made —

That’s it for today … quick and short. HUGS!!!

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What, in you, triggers a memory? Is it a brief glance at something familiar? Is it a scent? Is it a time of year? We so often loose precious memories because we fail to record them. As scrappers, we attempt to avoid that with our pages. My Memories Collection is just the thing to record those memories.

I’m a bit tardy in posting this. I’ve been a bit out of commission due to a pinched nerve in my neck and am just now getting back up to speed. I released this collection a week ago and typically only keep new releases on sale for 1 week. However, I’ve extended the 30% sale for an additional week (thru May 29th). Here’s a look at my Memories Collection along with a freebie —


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Plastered {& gessoed}

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I have a REALLY fun collection for you — Plastered {& gessoed}. I got the inspiration for it while looking for some ideas for creating flowers and spotted some that looked like porcelain. Imagine my surprise when I found out they were artificial roses that had been dipped in plaster. Luckily for me, we were having a break in our recent rain so I could give it a go since it really was too messy to do indoors. As it was, I couldn’t stop with just dipping flowers, I just had to try pouring the left over plaster into some silicon ice molds that I never used.

Then the rain started up again and I needed to do some indoor stuff. I thought “gesso” looks like plaster, so I started playing with gesso. I then found out that gesso is actually plaster of Paris with a glue binder (or at least it was at one time). Anyway, long story short, this collection is the result of my messy, fun playtime. You can find it in both of my shops, theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes, for 30% off excluding the Collection which is 60% off. NOTE: The individual elements and papers packs is only available in my Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes shop.

So here’s a look … and be sure to stick around for the freebie at the end of my post.


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April Fools

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Yes, I realize it’s no longer April 1st, but theStudio’s April Fools Mini Sale is still going on (it ends April 8th). The designers got together and created a mini (all the same size) which have been disguised so you don’t know which one you’re getting. BUT, they’re only $1 each, so it really isn’t much of a gamble.

Here’s a preview of the one I did — Mechanical Mayhem.


Have fun and happy shopping!

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New Personal Use Products

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I have 2 new personal use products to show you – Mixed Media Papers 1 and Masqued Masks 4. The mixed media papers would make a great base for your art journal page, but it works just was well with a traditional layout. Add one of the masks (actually, one of my team used two masks) to the page and your layout is practically done. While theStudio’s Easter sale is on (thru Thursday), they’re both on sale for 40% off. After that, it will be 30% off at theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes.



You know how I mentioned that all you needed was a paper and a mask for a layout? That’s all I did with this one … well, I did add some text, but that was all. Quick and easy, right?


Here’s one that Judy did with 2 masks … one of them she colored and added to the background. The elements she used are from the collection I’m releasing next Saturday.

Thinking of You web

That’s it for today … HUGS!!!

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Indigo Garden

Posted by on Mar 19, 2016 in Freebies, Personal Use | 5 comments

Yesterday, I gave you a peak. Today, I’m going to show you my newest collection called Indigo Garden. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! I’ve never attempted to work with a limited palette and I think things came out great. See for yourself —


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Sneak Peek

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I have a new collection coming out tomorrow and thought I’d stop by and give you a sneak peek. If you are a participant of the March 2015 Just Art Challenge, you’ve had MORE than a sneak peek. There’s an incentive for participating — first, you get the papers for free and, second, one of the participants (randomly picked) will win the elements to go with the papers. EVEN BETTER, if you’re one of my newsletter subscribers, I’m going randomly select someone to receive the entire collection for free.


Are you glad you stopped by??? HUGS!!!

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