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New CU Mash Up And 75% Off Lots Of Retiring Products

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in Art Journaling, Blog, Commercial Use, Sales | 0 comments

Hello, and happy Saturday!  I’m Rebecca, I hang out at The Studio with Jill.  I’m going to be hanging out on the blog some too.  Jill is in DESIGN mode so I volunteered to pitch in and help keep you informed and abreast of new developments so she can keep feeding her creative mojo.  She will still see all comments and will definitely be right around corner but we’re tag teaming on some things so she can do what we all want her doing which is bringing lots of new designs to the shop.  Yes?

We missed last week.  It literally slipped away from both of us so there is a full buffet of pretty things today.  If you’re into Art Journaling, you’ll love the New CU Mash Up Products.  I’m NOT an art journaler and I love them madly!  Mash Up 1 has beautiful greens and blues and Mash Up 2 has vibrant fuchsia, pinks and yellows.  Match either (or both) of them with the water color papers in Mash Up 3 and the drippy and runny brushes in Mash Up 4 and the sky is the limit!





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The “Artsy” Style

Posted by on Jun 30, 2014 in Art Journaling, Blog, Freebies, Scrapbooking, Tutorials | 11 comments

I checked in a few days ago to read Jill’s latest post and I noticed Pam’s comment about not getting that “artsy” style. As a hobbiest I can so relate! Well, I got to thinking that if Pam and I shared those feelings maybe there are other people who didn’t get the “artsy” style either. The only art training I’ve had was a  summer course in Art Appreciation at our local museum; it was part of the Art Literacy Program for our school district.  So I thought I’d share some observations about what I’ve noticed since I started scrapping. What is an artsy style and how do you achieve it. How is it different from say a traditional style. Bear in mind that this is my personal opinion and not meant to be in any way definitive on the subject. I’m such a visual person, I like pictures so perhaps comparing two layouts would be helpful.


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theStudio Just Art Challenge

Posted by on Jun 14, 2014 in Art Journaling, Freebies, Personal Use | 11 comments

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Art Journaling? Well now’s your chance. There’s a new challenge over in theStudio forum called Just Art. It’s hosted by the ever creative Robyn. There really aren’t any rules, but she will give you a theme or cue to work with. This month it’s Yellow and you also get a free mini kit created by Robyn and Kate (see below).

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