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iNSD News for May 4th

I don’t know about you, but my life has been pure chaos lately. Between vacations and special birthdays (Nana turned 90 this year) and anniversaries, I’ve hardly had time to get my act together for iNSD this year. Fortunately, I did find the time … unfortunately it meant I had to be a bit of a hermit (as in rather quiet). Hopefully, you’ll forgive me once you see what all I have for you. There’s going to be a ton of sales and information, so, rather than overwhelm you (like I just did my newsletter subscribers), I’m going to spread my posts out a bit. However, that means you’ll need to check back daily to see what’s up. For today’s post, I’m only going to tell you the relevant iNSD News for May 4th (as in starts today or only lasts thru today).

50% Storewide Sale

In my personal store (Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes), everything is 50% off (excluding specially priced products). This will run thru Saturday, May 14th. Be sure to check today’s newsletter for some coupons that will give you an additional discount.

CU Grab Bags

I LOVE grab bags … not only buying them, but also making them. This year I have 2 for you: a new mixed-media one done in collaboration with Mariella of Studio Laitha and one I did on my own. The Mixed Media Grab Bag contains 6 products and is $6 and my iNSD 2016 Grab Bag contains 5 products for $5. I’m only showing you the grab bag previews here. If you want to see what’s actually in the bags, please visit the product page.



You can find these grab bags at theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes thru May 14th.

May the 4th be with You

This title cracked me up, as did the banner!!! Since it’s only for May 4th, it really fits.


The new store software at theStudio allows us to create special deals when specific products are bought together. We take a lead-in product and can link up additional products to it, then set a special price. So, for May the 4th, we followed the “4” theme and created bundles of 4 products. For my sale, I bundled up my Art Nouveau Papers with my Collage Bits 5, 6 and 7. You can get all 4 of these for only $4. Getting this deal takes a bit of getting used to though, but I’m going to explain how it works. It’s easy once you know how.

Go to my Art Nouveau Papers page, then scroll down to where you see the description box and click on the Buy Together tab.


A new panel will open showing you the bundled products and the price for the bundle. Just click the Add All to Cart button to purchase them.


One thing to note is that you can’t purchase these individually for $1 each and you can ONLY find this special on the “lead-in” product page (in my case, it’s the Art Nouveau Papers). This deal is only available at theStudio.

Freebie Time

Finally, to start this celebration off right, I’ve got a freebie for you. It’s a set of Art Nouveau Frames … actually, it’s one frame done in 3 colors that coordinate with my Art Nouveau Papers. Just click on the preview to download it.


That’s it for today. Like I said, be sure to check back daily for more news about sales and theStudio Blog Hop (you’re really going to love this one). HUGS!!!



  1. These are lovely. Thank you!

  2. Jill, these are lovely!

  3. wonderful with craftsman architecture pictures !

  4. These are fantastic! I love art nouveau. Thank you!!

  5. Thank you, Jill !!!

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