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iNSD 2015 Sales

Guess what? I found my fingers … actually, Rebecca is swamped with all her Customer Service work at theStudio and I actually have a few minutes to show off my iNSD stuff AND show you how to find it.

First up is the traditional Vintage Grab Bag that I’ve been doing with Lou of LouCee Creations. Like the past, this one includes 6 brand new, full size products with a bonus for $6.00. Here’s just the preview, but if you visit the product’s page you can see what they all look like.


This next iNSD Grab Bag is one I did with Wendy of WendyP Designs. We recently worked on a collab together during which we started talking about like how much I love her ribbons and how much she loved my flowers … so we included 2 packs of flowers and 2 packs of ribbons. To round things out I added a pack of bling and she added some charms. You’ll get 6 brand new, full size products for $6.00. Once again, this is just the preview. You can see the individual previews on the product’s page.


This last special isn’t a Grab Bag … it’s a SUPER bundle. I had a request to do an action to create polka dotted papers. When I had finished it, I gave it to my team to stress check it and comment. I got some WONDERFUL comments and as a result I ended up with 7 actions. You can purchase 6 of the individual actions for 50% off but you can only get the 7th if you buy the bundle. You are definitely going to want to buy the bundle because during iNSD it’s only $6.00. It will return to $12.00 when the sale ends on May 7th. Check out it’s preview and, like the Grab Bags, check out the product page to see what’s in it.


Now I’m going to show you how to find these products. There are actually several ways to find things, but I’m going to keep it simple. For the 2 Grab Bags, you go to COMMERCIAL USE > Grab Bags. You’ll not only find my Grab Bags, but you can also check out some of the ones my fellow designers did.


I’m going to show you a couple of ways to find my bundle. First one – if you just want to see my bundles go to COMMERCIAL USE > Bundled Deals. Since I won’t always be the newest bundle, go over the the left-hand column and check the box next to my designer name. Now you can easily see all of my bundles.


The second way to find this bundle is to visit my CU store. The CU and PU stores use the same shopping cart so you can buy both at the same time, but I also can provide a link to just my CU stuff. Just click on COMMERCIAL USE and, like above, check the box next to my designer name.


This final way of finding things is really cool and I’ve just started making them. They’re called collections and they group similar products. I realize we have the top menu and the side bar with all the filters, but just give me a moment. Let’s say I found one of my Polka Dot Paper Actions and I notice this icon over on the right side. In this case it says Paper Maker Actions.


It tells me to Click to view entire collection and, of course, I click on it. What I get is a page that has all of my Paper Maker Actions. Not a lot right now, but it’s going to get there because I’ve been bit the action bug.


Naturally there are other ways to find things, but like I said, I wanted to keep it easy.

Finally, my iNSD sale runs through May 7th and along with the specials I’ve shown you, it’s 50% off my entire store — PU and CU. Now I’m off to do some shopping myself. HUGS!!!


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