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Memorial Day Sale This Weekend

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Jill is on her way home from Hawaii.  Be sure to ask for pictures of her trip. Be sure to watch for some new CU products with a tropical flair.  Seems like every year when she gets home there are some pretty flowers or something of interest to follow.  Until the new stuff starts to surface you can enjoy some great deals on the not so new stuff.  This weekend is the Memorial Day Sale at the Studio.


Jilbert's Bits Of Bytes Memorial Weekend Sale

If you have military photos to scrap this is the weekend you’ll want to shop and build your stash.  Save 50% on the Remember Me Collection or individual pieces through Monday.  EVERYTHING ELSE is 40% Off or more through Monday too.

There are also some great bargains from He{art] in the retiring section at the Studio.  These items are going away soon but you can save 75% on them now.  It is the perfect reason to shop, don’t you think?

Here is just a sampling of products in the retiring section. Each image is linked to the store so just click and go.


Never Hunt & Peck for Photoshop Style, Shapes and Brushes In Windows Again

The blog will probably crash when I mention Windows. If you’ve known Jill for long you know she is a die hard Mac girl but that doesn’t apply to everyone.  I’m a windows girl myself.  Truth be told I would switch to Mac if I could start all over but as it is now I have so much invested in my Windows software that I just can’t justify making a full blown switch at this late stage of the game.  There are some bells and whistles I wish, wish, wish Windows had like a way to see shapes, styles, or my terribly overgrown collection of brushes.  Help is here if you wish that too.  I use Argus to make that part of my life easier and this weekend there is a sale on it too.

At just $9.99 Argus is a great deal but this weekend you can save an additional 30% with coupon code:  Remember2015  

This is one of my favorite tools and at this price, I’m sure it will be yours too.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, I hope you have fun and stay safe.

Happy Memorial Day!

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iNSD 2015 Sales

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Guess what? I found my fingers … actually, Rebecca is swamped with all her Customer Service work at theStudio and I actually have a few minutes to show off my iNSD stuff AND show you how to find it.

First up is the traditional Vintage Grab Bag that I’ve been doing with Lou of LouCee Creations. Like the past, this one includes 6 brand new, full size products with a bonus for $6.00. Here’s just the preview, but if you visit the product’s page you can see what they all look like.


This next iNSD Grab Bag is one I did with Wendy of WendyP Designs. We recently worked on a collab together during which we started talking about like how much I love her ribbons and how much she loved my flowers … so we included 2 packs of flowers and 2 packs of ribbons. To round things out I added a pack of bling and she added some charms. You’ll get 6 brand new, full size products for $6.00. Once again, this is just the preview. You can see the individual previews on the product’s page.


This last special isn’t a Grab Bag … it’s a SUPER bundle. I had a request to do an action to create polka dotted papers. When I had finished it, I gave it to my team to stress check it and comment. I got some WONDERFUL comments and as a result I ended up with 7 actions. You can purchase 6 of the individual actions for 50% off but you can only get the 7th if you buy the bundle. You are definitely going to want to buy the bundle because during iNSD it’s only $6.00. It will return to $12.00 when the sale ends on May 7th. Check out it’s preview and, like the Grab Bags, check out the product page to see what’s in it.


Now I’m going to show you how to find these products. There are actually several ways to find things, but I’m going to keep it simple. For the 2 Grab Bags, you go to COMMERCIAL USE > Grab Bags. You’ll not only find my Grab Bags, but you can also check out some of the ones my fellow designers did.


I’m going to show you a couple of ways to find my bundle. First one – if you just want to see my bundles go to COMMERCIAL USE > Bundled Deals. Since I won’t always be the newest bundle, go over the the left-hand column and check the box next to my designer name. Now you can easily see all of my bundles.


The second way to find this bundle is to visit my CU store. The CU and PU stores use the same shopping cart so you can buy both at the same time, but I also can provide a link to just my CU stuff. Just click on COMMERCIAL USE and, like above, check the box next to my designer name.


This final way of finding things is really cool and I’ve just started making them. They’re called collections and they group similar products. I realize we have the top menu and the side bar with all the filters, but just give me a moment. Let’s say I found one of my Polka Dot Paper Actions and I notice this icon over on the right side. In this case it says Paper Maker Actions.


It tells me to Click to view entire collection and, of course, I click on it. What I get is a page that has all of my Paper Maker Actions. Not a lot right now, but it’s going to get there because I’ve been bit the action bug.


Naturally there are other ways to find things, but like I said, I wanted to keep it easy.

Finally, my iNSD sale runs through May 7th and along with the specials I’ve shown you, it’s 50% off my entire store — PU and CU. Now I’m off to do some shopping myself. HUGS!!!

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Do You Like To Shop By Color?

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Today is your lucky day!  The New Studio is up and running albeit a little slow.  One of the coolest features is the shop by color filter option.  This is probably one of my favorite cool new tools.  Head on over to the Studio and give it a try.  Just choose Personal Use or Commercial Use and you’ll see a set of color swatches for each category.


Shop store wide or pick your favorite designer.



Choose the color you’re looking for and wait for all the product show up.  It’s a dream way to shop!




You’re going to love it!  You’re also going to love the continued sale on Market Fresh.  Now in a full page kit or collection and if you missed the $1 sale you can still get it all at 50% to 60% for a short time.  Don’t wait though, this sale ends soon.  😉


Jilbert's Bits of Bytes


Up For A Challenge?

Check Out Robyn’s New Site.  No more fretting about the Just Art Challenge.  She’s thrilled!  We’re both thrilled!  You will be too.  Go take a look and join in if you like.  We’re having fun over there! There are more details in my newsletter.  Be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss a thing!


See you next week for National Scrapbooking Day (NSD 2015)  Go ahead and rest up! It’s going to be a very busy weekend. :)

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Have You Seen The New Round Robin? Better Hurry

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The Studio will go into hibernation mode on Sunday night.  All shopping will cease for at least a few days while all of the kits and collections are migrated over to the brand new store!  No shopping.  What will we all do?  To start, you can hurry on over to the Round Robin forum where WendyP is the featured designer for April.  This week the spotlight product is a collab with Jill called April Showers.  The kit is traditional with rain boots, a watering can and flowers in every shape and size but for you pocket scrappers, there are also page protectors and a fancy raised acrylic alpha.

So the deal is, you purchase the kit or any portion and make a layout.  Then you drop your layout in the gallery and spread it around your social media and go back to the forum and link it up for discounts on the next weeks Round Robin Release.  You get 10% off for each social media link up to an extra 40% discount.  Since the store will be down, I’m not sure what will happen with Wendy’s week 3 but I’m sure it will all work out in the end.  Since you can’t buy next week you might as well join in a challenge or three and get to know some of the amazing ladies who continue to show up week after week.  If you can’t make time for a challenge then maybe browse the gallery and put a smile on someone’s face with a comment.

Here is a look at April Showers and a few of the creative masterpieces some of the participants have been sharing.

theStudio Advertisements

Last Call!  This weekend is also the last call for retiring products in both the Personal Use and the Commercial Use store AND the end of the $1 per product sale on all of the Market Fresh Coordinating Collection products.

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands you might want to check out the April Challenges.  Keep an eye on the Big Store Announcement thread so you don’t miss out on a single bit of news.

Happy Saturday!

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Market Fresh Mania and Last Chance For Retiring Products

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Have you seen the Market Fresh Coordinating Collection at the Studio?  It is amazing!  There are currently 152 individual products by a variety of different designers and more may be coming.  It is always amazing to me to see what happens when a group of designers are given a set of colors and a theme and told to just go make what their heart desires.  Be sure to check it out soon.  The store will be down soon for the transition to the new and improved software.  Hearts are beating in anticipation faster than the bunny will be hopping this weekend. 😉


jbb-marketfreshJill’s creative team went all out with these pieces

If you love a touch of vintage and inspired by a touch of spring, you should rush over now and take a look at Market Fresh.

MarketFresh KDrake





I’m A Font Hoarder!

Do you love fonts?  I believe a scrapper can never have enough fonts.  Today I had free fonts in my inbox.  It was almost better than that first cup of coffee and anything that good needs to be shared, yes?  Darcy Baldwin has this very cool set of free chalkboard fonts available on her blog today.  I got my copy.  Go ahead and get yours too.  While you’re there go ahead and take a look at some of her other fonts.  She will even turn your own handwriting into your personal font.  How Cool is that?



It’s hard to believe it but this time last year Ramblin Rose was a new release.  It’s filled with grunge and a bit of an Arizona flair with cactus, desert flowers and a big splash of Southwestern Style.  It was a big hit but we’re making room for new products so it’s on the retirement shelf and you can save 75% until we move to the new store.

JKS_RamblinRose_collection_previewWhile you’re there now is the time to take one last stroll through the CU Retiring Section too.  Time Is Almost Up!  These great products will be gone soon.

Jilbert's Bits of BytesI hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  If you celebrate Easter, may it be your best ever.  If you don’t celebrate go ahead and plan a backyard BBQ or smoke party.  Rest up.  There are some new products coming soon that will make you want to do nothing but sit in front of your computer and play for hours.

Happy Easter!



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New Plaid Action And Easter Sale At The Studio

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Remember Jill’s Paper Flower Action?  It started with an “I wonder what would happen if” idea and quickly went viral.  People were whipping out flowers left and right to match their photos or pages and everyone was raving and showing off their handy work.  Get ready for some fun!  Jill just released her brand new Plaid Maker Action.  I’ve already played with it.  It’s way cool.  It’s way easy.  It’s way flexible and it’s On Sale.  It’s just waiting for you to give it a try.

This action works in PSE and all versions of PSCS and CC.  It comes with full instructions to walk you through the process but let me get you started right now.  It is a breeze to make a plaid from any existing paper or one of your photographs.

Jilbert's Bits Of Bytes Plaid Maker Action

Is that cool, or what?  You can use a photo too.  Take a look at the beautiful plaid Jill made with a photo from Hawaii.

Jilbert's Bits Of Bytes Plaid Maker Action

This is a great tool for designers and a great bargain at just $8 but for a short time you can pick this up for 30% off but scrappers will love this too.  I see new hybrid projects coming out of this.  I see plaid flowers by combining the two actions. 😉

Use it alone or combine it with the one of the Paper Flower Actions or the Glitter Edge Action.  Both of the older actions are on sale this weekend for 40% off.  It’s part of the Studio Easter Sale.  Some items are excluded but the CU and PU stores both on sale.



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New CU Mash Up And 75% Off Lots Of Retiring Products

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Hello, and happy Saturday!  I’m Rebecca, I hang out at The Studio with Jill.  I’m going to be hanging out on the blog some too.  Jill is in DESIGN mode so I volunteered to pitch in and help keep you informed and abreast of new developments so she can keep feeding her creative mojo.  She will still see all comments and will definitely be right around corner but we’re tag teaming on some things so she can do what we all want her doing which is bringing lots of new designs to the shop.  Yes?

We missed last week.  It literally slipped away from both of us so there is a full buffet of pretty things today.  If you’re into Art Journaling, you’ll love the New CU Mash Up Products.  I’m NOT an art journaler and I love them madly!  Mash Up 1 has beautiful greens and blues and Mash Up 2 has vibrant fuchsia, pinks and yellows.  Match either (or both) of them with the water color papers in Mash Up 3 and the drippy and runny brushes in Mash Up 4 and the sky is the limit!





While you’re there, in the New Releases be sure to check out Jill’s Transparent Overlay Borders.

JIlberts_Bits_Of_Bytes_Transparent _Overlay_Borders_Combo

But Wait!  Are you looking for a steal UM, bargain?  Is there anything you let pass you by but you really wanted it?  We’re Spring Cleaning to make room for National Scrapbook Day 2015 (NSD).  NSD is the first weekend in May.  It is a time when designers go all out to bring us the best of their best.  The best designers are already gearing up to have a full line up of new products and a favorite freebie too.  To make room, it is Out With The Old so Jill’s retiring CU products are on sale right now for 75% off.  She has moved 55 products over to retire.  This week the feature is her Photo Pockets Pages and Packets.  If you’re not sure what to do with pockets, check out Jill’s tutorial on how to use these. They’re fast, easy and make great pages!



Thanks for stopping by.  One of us will see you next week with some very colorful treats.


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Cherished Bits Layouts & Freebie

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Yesterday, I showed you my newest collection Cherished Bits. Today I’m going to show you what my great team did with it. AND, there’s a freebie at the end of this.

This first one is by Kyrie … I LOVE that she did this as an 8-1/2 x 11!!!

Cherished Bits KyrieD_8-1_2x11

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Cherished Bits

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I’ve been rather absent lately. February was one of those months that I don’t want to revisit again for a VERY long time. I started the month sick and I ended the month sick and in between I managed to give the bug to both my husband and my daughter. BUT, it’s March and I’ve got a beautiful new collection called Cherished Bits to show off, so no more sick talk.

The inspiration for my new collection comes from this old cedar chest that I inherited from my mother. It has all sorts of items in it … none of them worth a lot of money … but it is truly my treasure chest.


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Flights of Fancy

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I am SO in love with my latest collection. Called Flights of Fancy, it’s a collab that I did with Robyn (Red Dog Design) and it’s full of all kinds of whimsical stuff. It actually started out as a mini kit to be used in February’s Just Art Challenge that Robyn hosts. Obviously, what we ended up with was MUCH more than a mini kit.

You can get most of the collection for 30% off thru February 19th … BUT … the Collection is 60% off and the Add-on (which was the mini used for this month’s challenge) will be 50% off through the entire month of February. And here are the previews …


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