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3-2-1 CU Sale

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Coordinated Collection

I LOVE sales … especially when it means getting something for a really cheap good price. Starting this weekend, theStudio is having a 3-2-1 CU Sale. What’s that mean? It stands for 3 products – 2 dollars – 1 designer. These are the 3 products I have on sale for $2 each —

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Smudge 3

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Did you manage to check out or even participate in theStudio’s Next Designer’s Contest? If you happened to be a participant in week 1, you would have gotten these brushes for free. If not, you can at least buy them in my store. Called Smudge 3, they will be on sale thru October 18th for 30% off.


These would even be a great accent for any of those smudges you might want with my Quick & Easy – Splats 1 product.


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Autumn’s Song Layouts and a Freebie

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As promised, I’m back with some Autumn’s Song layouts and a freebie, so here goes —

This first one is from Rae Lynn … what a great border she put on this.


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Autumn’s Song

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It’s time for another Studio Coordinated Collection. This time the theme is family and fall. I sort of put a twist on mine by making it a bird themed collection. At first I thought “birds have families” but then remembered that the sightings of new bird families is one of the sign of fall in my area. Our weather is kind of balmy this time of year, so the migrating birds tend to take a short stop to fuel up before continuing on to their final destination. Put the two together and you have a perfect time to gather the family around the patio table, drink some wine, and listen to Autumn’s Song.

Like all coordinated collections, these products are $1 each thru the 15th of the month, but this time we were able to combine all 8 into a collection for $8 (less clicking, right?). As I did with the last coordinated collection, I’ve made some painted or artsy products and some traditional ones, but the ladies on my team found that it was extremely easy to combine the styles. Take a look at my previews —


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Cleaning House

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Advertising template for Digital Scrapbooking Studio

I recently took a count of my commercial use products (over 300) and I’m cleaning house. I’ve put over 50 products on sale for 75% off, but this is only thru the end of the month. You’ll find all kinds of overlays, patterns, papers and paper templates none of which are priced over $1.87. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find —


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More Gesso Overlays

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It’s Saturday and I’m back to show you my latest CU releases. It’s more gesso — both the transparent overlays and the texture overlays. If you’re familiar with my earlier gesso, you’ll know that each texture overlays has a matching transparent overlay (Texture Overlays – Gesso 3 — Transparent Overlays – Gesso 3, etc.). These are on sale for 30% off thru October 3rd, but, naturally, the best deal is the bundle that you can get for 50% off.

As always, I was playing with textures and Gesso 3 has the look of stucco. With Gesso 4, I used modeling paste and stencils. Click on one of the previews below to go to that product’s page or just check out all of my Mixed Media Overlays.


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All About Me

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Have you been watching the Layout Artist Contest going on at theStudio? We just ended the Round 2 Challenge with voting ending at midnight tonight (eastern time). The reason I bring this up is because there is typically a round where the designers “hosting” the challenge create a collab and the kit is given to the participants to be used for their layouts. Once the round has ended, the designers release the rest of the parts of the collection. Presenting All About Me by me (Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes), Manda (Nibbles Skribbles), and Wendy (WendyP Designs). I LOVED the layouts we got because we really got the opportunity to learn a little bit about each participant. Plus I’m sure that each participant was challenged by having to use a couple of items from each designer because we don’t exactly have the same design styles.

O.K., enough talk … check out these previews —


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Retirement Sale

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I’m running a bit late with this post, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me. I have a Retirement Sale going on right now on some of my Personal Use Collections. If you get theStudio Newsletter, you know that the Bohemian Fall Coordinated Collection is being retired, but I decided to make it something of a theme and retire a few more of my collections. For 75% off, you can get not only Bohemian Fall, but also Flower Power, Fall’s Eve, Bountiful Blessings and A Kings Bounty. Along with those, I’m also retired my original sets of Pocket Templates (aka Photo Pockets) … also 75% off.

This sale will end with the month (September 30th), so don’t procrastinate … get on over and pick them up at rock bottom prices. I have some previews to tempt you with:


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New Botanical and Script Brushes

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It’s Saturday and it’s time for a new commercial use release. Like last Saturday, it’s some more brushes, but these are a bit different. Several ladies on my team asked me why I didn’t have CU brushes like the PU stamps that I have. Well, no good reason actually. So I now have some new Botanical and Script Brushes for you. These would be a perfect compliment to my Quick & Easy – Splats 1. In fact, I’m working on a action that will help you add brushes like these to the Splats 1 template (in my spare time).

These will be on sale for 30% off thru September 27th, but if you take advantage of theStudio’s Buy More Save More Sale (ends September 24th), you can get these for as much as 70% off (just need to spend $40). Check out my previews:



That’s it … Have a great weekend … HUGS!!!

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Spend More Save More Sale

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If you’ve been looking for a reason to buy some Commercial Use products, now is the time. There’s a Spend More Save More Sale going on right now at theStudio. All CU (except bundles) is at least 30% off. And now for a math lesson — If you spend $20, you’ll get an additional 20% off (30 + 20 = 50% off) … spend $30 and you get an additional 30% off (30 + 30 = 60% off) … spend $40 and you get an additional 40% off (30 + 40 + 70% off). Why wait for DSD weekend? You’ll not get a better deal than you can get here and it lasts thru September 24th.


Please note: Not all designers are participating in the progressive part, but you’ll at least get 30% off. However, I am participating and would love for you to spend more in my store.


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