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NSD 2017 – May 7th

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It’s Sunday and I have some new Flash Sale products to show you. Again, there are 3 PU and 3 CU products that you can get for $1 each at theStudio and my personal store. Here’s a look at what you’ll find:

If one of these products haven’t caught your fancy, both stores are at least 50% off … so you’re bound to find something you like. Also, if you shop at my personal store, here’s a coupon code for $5 off for the first 3 customers using it. This coupon excludes NSD specials — NSDBLSun03.

That’s it for today … but tomorrow there’s even more. HUGS!!!

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NSD 2017 – May 6th

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Have you been shopping? I have … but I still have more to do. If you’re like me, I’m waiting to see what’s in the daily Flash Sales. LOVE those things. I will be having flash sales for the next three days and today I’m going to show you what you can get. There are 3 Commercial Use and 3 Personal Use all for $1 each. You can click on the previews to go to the product page.

If you don’t see this posting until tomorrow, the flash sale may be off at theStudio, but I will definitely keep it available in my personal store.

Speaking of my personal store, and the reason I’ve posted this later in the day, I have a $5 off coupon code for you. While there’s no minimum purchase, it’s only good for the first 3 people that use it. So, if you use it and it doesn’t work, you were too slow. Don’t worry … I’ll be giving out $5 coupons on Sunday and Monday, too. You can find them in my newsletter and on my Facebook page. AND … the code is NSDSatBL03 and it only works in my personal store.

That’s it for today … Happy Shopping.


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NSD 2017 – May 5th

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Well, it’s day 2 of the NSD Madness and I have 3 more collections to show you. They’re part of the Revenge of the Fifth Sale and each is $5. You can find them at both theStudio and my personal store. Here’s a look at the previews for Surf, Sand, and the 4th, Fruit Salad Days, and Autumn’s Song.

Be sure to keep an eye on this blog along with my Facebook page. Starting tomorrow and throughout the weekend, I will be posting $5 coupons. The first 3 people using the coupon code get $5 off their order — no minimum required.

That’s it for today … HUGS!!!

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NSD 2017 – May 4th

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Greetings! Do you have your shopping list together yet? If not, you better hurry because the sales kick off today with a May the 4th be with You (tongue-in-cheek reference to Star Wars). I’ve put 3 of my collections on sale for $4 each. When choosing my collections, I tried to keep to a vintage theme. The collections are Cherished Bits , Nana’s House, and Memories and here’s a look at the previews.

In addition, my personal store, Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes, is on sale for 50% off excluding any of the NSD Specials. Also be sure to check out the awesome Grab Bag that I made with Manu of Manu Scraps … 4 actions with a bonus (meaning 5 actions) for $6.

Both my storewide sale and the Grab Bag will be on sale thru Thursday, May 11th.

While I’ll be posting updates here, you’re really going to want to get my newsletter. Each day I have a special download which, in the end, will end up being an gorgeous kit called Peony Madness. You can subscribe by entering your email address in the little box with the label “email address” near the upper right.

That’s it for today … but I’ll be back tomorrow.


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New Collections & a Freebie

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Since I’ve been slacking once again, I actually have 2 collections to show you. Both with a spring theme, but done in completely different styles. The first one is called Blooming Spring. When I was looking for some inspiration for a spring theme, I ran across this bit from a poem by A.A. Milne: “She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbor: ‘Winter is dead.'” If the name A.A. Milne sounds familiar, he’s the author for the Winnie the Pooh books, but he also wrote some wonderful poems that have been sadly overlooked.

So, why did I chose this quote? I was and still am that little girl announcing the end of Winter … but I even add a bit of a foot stomp. I am not a winter person. Like the flowers, I wilt when winter comes along. But with the first hint of spring, I come alive just like mother nature. I captured this “attitude” for Blooming Spring with a joyous burst of color reflecting the world around me when spring once again visits us. Since my birthday sale is still going on in my stores at theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes , you can get this entire collection is 50% off. Here’s a look …

The second collection that I’m going to show off is part of theStudio’s Garden Party Coordinated Collection. It’s called A Spot of Tea and my inspiration was a tea party out in one’s lush flower garden. Each pack is $1 thru April 28th and there’s also a collection of 8 products for $8 just in case you didn’t feel like clicking 8 times to add the entire thing. This is initially available exclusively at theStudio.

AND, as noted, I have a freebie for you. It’s a set of 3 painted edges. A matching set of 3 was in today’s newsletter. If you’re not a subscriber … why not??? LOL!!! I do keep an archive of my newsletters just in case, so you can catch-up here. So here’s the preview … just click it to download the edges.

If you are really into freebies, be sure to check my Facebook page for a set of journal cards that Dona made.

That’s it for today … HUGS!!!

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In Stitches

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The new month comes with a new collection. The story behind this collection is my youngest daughter’s laugh. It’s an amazing laugh and when she REALLY starts laughing there isn’t a person around that can’t laugh with her. The term “in stitches” (laughing uncontrollable) comes close to describing it. Unfortunately, I found myself in a quandary on how to capture that laugh in a collection. Since a bunch of laughing faces/mouths gets kind of boring after a while, I decided to go with the more literal meaning of stitches … sewing … saving the laughter part for my Words pack. That means this collection is perfect for capturing both the sewing theme along with the moment you capture someone In Stitches.

The entire collection is on sale for 30% off at both theStudio and my personal store. Let’s take a look at it and be sure to hang around until the end to collect your freebie.

And now for your freebie … as always, just click on the preview.

That’s it for now … fingers crossed that I keep on this roll and get more done. HUGS!!!

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Retirement Sale

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I’ve been really bad about posting … but I didn’t realize it had been SO long. But hopefully I’m back and will be a bit more faithful at doing it. Today is just a quick note to let you know that my retirement sale (just products, not me) is ending tomorrow. I’ve got several PU and CU products in the sale, but I also have some stellar Collabs, that I did with some very talented designers, retiring and they can be a bit hard to find, so I’m going to show you the previews. All you have to do is click on the previews and you’ll be transported to the collection.

You’ll need to act quickly to snap these up, but you’ll get them at 75% off.

And that’s it for today … HUGS!!!

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theStudio 2016 Christmas Carol Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Studio’s Annual Christmas Carol Blog Hop. Every year the Studio Designers gather together to “Sing Christmas Carols” to all of our members, customers, fans & friends. It’s a way for us all to say Merry Christmas and a big Thank You for being so supportive of us.

Each participating Designer has chosen a special Christmas Carol just for you and designed a cute mini freebie around it. So put on your dancing shoes & singing voices and come caroling with us.

Here’s my mini. Just click on the preview or ***here*** to download it.

*** expired ***

Your last stop is Studio 4 Design*works

If you get lost along the way, just return to theStudio Blog Post (where you started) and pick up where you left off.

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Star Action

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I really am beginning to think I’m an a roll. So many ideas … so little time. I’m talking about creating Photoshop Actions. In the old days, I used to be a programmer … actually, make that more of a hack … in any case, when I would get into a groove, my house could fall down around me and I wouldn’t notice. I’d lose track of time and my family would be starving for dinner. I’d sit in front of the computer for so long, my body would just about freeze into that position. Well, it seems the old days are back. I’ve forgotten about dinner twice this week; my body is in pain from sitting in one position for too long; fortunately, my house is still standing.

This all started with my Crazy Dots Action. I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I had done any actions … almost a year. True, I did throw a simple one in during that time (Rainbow Dreams Action), but nothing that took a lot of work. So, September saw my Crazy Dots Action, October saw my Filigree Maker Action … and then I slowed down … or so it seemed. I really hadn’t, I was working on something during that time and it required me to drag out some old math books. I have always wanted to be able to create stars from my kit papers … good stars … quickly and easily. You see … doing all that rotating can leave gaps in your element, distort your paper, wreak havoc on your styles, etc. etc. etc. Long story short, I did it and I released it this past Wednesday — my Star Action. Here’s what the preview looks like.

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Sunday’s CU Moments

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This is just a quick one. I wanted to let you know that I’m doing a bi-weekly post on theStudio’s blog. It’s called Sunday’s CU Moments and it will typically feature a special product or a quick tip along with a smattering of other CU products that have recently been released.

This week, the feature product is Manu Scraps’  Doily & Snowflake Generator. Check it out … there’s even a freebie for you.  I also want to let you know that this is not just for designers … I plan on showing how these products can work as part of your regular scrapping stash.


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